Schoolwide Learner Outcomes



    All Aragon graduates are expected to…


    KNOW Foundation Skills and Information in each Discipline and can

    • Identify and understand key facts and concepts
    • Speak and write effectively
    • Read and listen actively
    • Gather, process and communicate information using appropriate technology
    • Transfer skills to emerging technologies

    THINK Creatively using Higher Order Thinking Skills and can

    • Gather, analyze and evaluate data
    • Define problems, propose and implement solutions
    • Generate their own ideas and organize material using a variety of techniques
    • Think metaphorically and categorically
    • See relationships within and between disciplines

    DEVELOP Effective Methods of Self-Management and can

    • Maximize personal strengths while exploring a variety of academic and co-curricular areas
    • Demonstrate reliability, time management, organization and self-discipline
    • Set appropriate goals for physical fitness, hygiene, nutrition, and emotional health
    • Develop personal goals for career, family and community life
    • Identify areas of personal challenge and self-advocate to manage them constructively

    CONTRIBUTE to a Diverse Democratic Community and can

    • Work effectively with others to accomplish goals
    • Welcome diversity and other points of view and can handle conflict constructively
    • Contribute to maintaining a safe, clean and caring environment
    • Follow the school and community standards of ethical behavior
    • Have integrity and take responsibility for choices
    • Participate in local, national and global discourse and decision-making

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