Club Budgeting Rules

  • Budgets for Approved Clubs Who Have an Account with the District

    A preliminary budget for the upcoming school year is to be developed and approved by the council of each club in the Spring semester. A copy of the preliminary budget is to be submitted by May 1 to Mrs. Tolfa in the finance office. The preliminary budget contains the estimated beginning of the club balance, estimated sources of income, anticipated expenditures and the expected ending cash balance.  At a minimum, the budget must contain estimates for club activities and/or events. Students within the clubs should be encouraged to participate in the budget process. Care should be taken to develop a financially viable budget that does not result in excessively low or high ending cash reserves.

    Approval of a Final Budget for Clubs Who Have an Account with the District

    A final or adopted budget should be developed and approved by the council of each club and submitted to Mrs. Tolfa finance office no later than October 1 of each school year. The approved budget becomes the working financial plan for the club. It is recommended that expenditures be approved during the year based on funds being budgeted and available. Budget revisions may be made to cover excess expenditures and modify estimated revenues. Such revisions should be communicated to Mrs. Tolfa for inclusion in financial reports.  

    Required Budget Form for Clubs with District Accounts

    There is one required form, included on page 18 of the document below. The date on this form will determine whether the budget is preliminary (submitted by May 1) or final (submitted by October 1).

    Rules about Spending Money/ Getting Reimbursed

    In order to spend money, prior approval must be granted by your club/organization and documented in club minutes. This written approval must take place BEFORE money has been spent! The Club Secretary needs to make 2 copies of the minutes. 1 copy will be submitted to ASB. For the 2nd set of minutes, attach the list of voting members & how each of those members voted. Submit this packet to Mrs. Tolfa. Reimbursements can take up to 2 weeks.