How to clear an absence

  • Students are expected to clear an absence within two school days after they return to school.  Absences must be cleared by a parent/guardian by a phone call or a note explaining the absence. Absences not cleared after three school days (72 hours) will be considered unexcused and marked as a “cut.” The office cannot correct attendance records after 72 hours.

    Please follow one of these steps to clear an absence: 

    1. On the absent days, please notify the Attendance Office by phone and speak to the Attendance Clerk or leave a message (accessible 24 hours a day) at 650-558-2708.

    2. Submit a written note (in ink) to include the following:
      • Student’s name
      • Number of days
      • Dates of absence
      • Reason for absence
      • Parent signature
      • Work telephone number
      • Home telephone number

        This note is to be submitted to the Attendance Office on the day of the student’s return to school between 7:30 and 7:55 a.m.. Parent/guardians of 18-year-old students are expected to follow the attendance procedures regarding notes and telephone calls as they would any other student.