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    Aragon Drama Proudly Presents Its Spring Play: The Crucible

    A scorching indictment of intolerance 

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    The people of Salem are whipped into a bloodthirsty frenzy by a series of escalating misinterpretations after a group of teenage girls are accused of dancing devilishly in the woods. Fearing retribution, the girls begin a chain of finger-pointing until neighbor turns against neighbor, whispers become testimony, fabrications become facts, and a once powerless teenage girl suddenly has the ability to decide the fate of all those around her. As the hearts of the townsfolk become poisoned, even John Proctor, a principled farmer and family man, must wrestle with a corrupt court and his own transgressions to protect his innocent wife and his family’s good name.
    Tickets go on sale February 20, 2019!
    For more info, visit: https://aragondrama.com/

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    Aragon Drama Boosters supports Aragon Drama and the production of its two annual mainstage productions including sets, costumes, props, and other technical show needs, as well as other special performances including one-act musicals and other works created by Advanced Drama students. We also support the creation and development of other learning initiatives such as our partnership with the Silicon Valley TheatreWorks where students work with professional playwrights to write their own plays. Aragon Drama is a conservatory where personal growth are cultivated, encouraged, and developed. Aragon Drama Boosters also recognizes one deserving Aragon senior with a college scholarship to pursue their education in the arts.
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    Support Aragon High School Performing Arts and sponsor a seat in our theater engraved with the name of your student or loved one. A plaque will be mounted on the armrest of a chair in the theater and can include a name, message of love, or memory.
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