Hillsdale Procedures

  • Contact: hhsattendance@smuhsd.org or (650) 558-2608

    Attendance in school is mandatory for all students under the age of 18. Illness, quarantine, medical, optometry services, dental services, the funeral of members for student’s immediate family (as defined in Education Code 45194), jury duty, and observance of religious holiday or ceremony are the only legal reasons for a student to be absent from school. It is the parent’s/guardian’s and the student’s responsibility to check attendance daily. Appointments which interfere with class time should not be made except in genuine emergencies. 

    • No student will be sent home before the close of the school day unless the parent/guardian has been previously notified.  Individual class period “cuts” will not be cleared after the fact.
    • No student may participate in any school activity or athletic contest if he/she has been truant from school during any portion of that school day.
    • It is our goal to ensure that no student’s academic performance is adversely affected by inconsistent attendance for any reason.
    • It is the responsibility of the family to communicate with the Attendance Office each day in the event of absence.  It is recommended that an email be sent to hhsattendance@smuhsd.org or, alternatively, call (650) 558-2608
    • If an absence is not excused by the end of the school day, parents will be contacted at home or at work via our autodialer system.
    • Students AND Parents have 48 hours to clear an absence; otherwise it will be recorded as a truancy (cut). NO EXCEPTIONS!!  [Parents and Students should check online for daily attendance updates.]

    If the maximum number of allowable truancies (3 periods)/tardies (8 incidents) is surpassed in a given 6-week grading period, students will lose the privilege of participating in any (non-class/credit-related) school function (including athletic competition, dances, school plays, etc.) for the subsequent six weeks.  Additional consequences may also be assigned as determined by administration or the student’s advisor.  It is the responsibility of the student and family to monitor the student’s attendance and attendance record during the school year.

    Attendance Codes in Aeries / SchoolLoop:

    Students and parents are advised to check School Loop at least every other day to check for the accuracy of each student’s attendance.  This is even more important in the event that they receive a call from the Attendance Office indicating that the student has been marked absent for one or more periods in a day.  Please call the attendance office immediately if there are any incorrect entries in your student’s attendance record.

    A – Activity

    B – 30+ Minutes Tardy

    G – Religious

    I – Illness

    L – Tardy

    M – Tardy Excused

    N – Unexcused Absence

    S – Suspended

    T – Truant (Cut)

    U – Unverified

    X – Excused

    Y – YSB Program