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  • If a student becomes ill at school, he or she should inform the teacher and get a pass to the Health Office. Parents are then contacted before the student is released from school.  If a parent cannot be reached, we will make every effort to contact a person listed within the student's emergency contact information. If the student needs health attention at times other than regular Health Office hours, he or she is to see someone in the Attendance Office. 


    To enroll in a California school, state law requires each student to be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, German measles, Varicella (Chickenpox), & Hepatitis B. WRITTEN VERIFICATION FROM A PHYSICIAN, CLINIC, OR OTHER MEDICAL SOURCE MUST BE PRESENTED TO THE SCHOOL AT THE TIME OF ENROLLMENT.  No immunizations are given at school. State law requires that students lacking a current immunization record not be allowed to attend classes. Consult your family physician or the San Mateo Department of Health Services (573-3602) for appointments. 


    Parents are encouraged to inform the Health Aide of special health problems such as an orthopedic handicap, heart condition, epilepsy, diabetes, neurological or emotional disturbance, severe allergies or any other problems which may affect the student's school life or safety. Confidential information will be treated as such.


    A comprehensive physical examination is basic to understanding the health needs of students. All students registering in the San Mateo Union High School District are required to present a medical examiner's statement soon after registration and not later than the end of the first semester.  Please make a photocopy of this report for your records and send the ORIGINAL to the Health Office. Fill out the Medical Examiner's Report form. With the following exceptions, one examination will suffice for a student's high school career.

    1)    All students in athletics must obtain a medical examiner's statement annually and complete an athletic packet online.  Athletic Packets Online can be found at www.godons.com

    • Click on LINKS/FORMS
    • Click on Online Athletic Clearance
    • Click on Create Account (SPORTSNET inc.)
    • You may scan the Medical Examiners Statement (Physical) into SPORTSNET
    • You must be cleared before tryouts and/or before the first day of practice.

    2)    The District Nurse may request a physical examination under special circumstances, in which case she will discuss the need with the parents.

    3)    Students working in the cafeteria are required to have a physical examination report on file and a TB clearance test every four years.


    When a student is to be excused from P.E. class for 4 days or less, a written note from a parent/guardian is to be given directly to the P.E. teacher. If a student is to be excused for 5 days or more, the Health Aide must receive written instructions from the student’s MD, NP, or DO, please use THIS FORM. A written excuse from the physician is required each semester the student is to be excused.  Please see the SMUHSD PE Restricted Activity/Medical Policy for more details.


    Students are to report all accidents to the teacher during class time or to coaches during athletic practice. The teacher will send the student to the Health Office for minor first aid. If medical treatment appears necessary, parents will be contacted. The physician who treats the student should send the Health Aide a statement of diagnosis, P.E. restrictions, and the date of release from the restrictions. First aid procedures are provided by First Aid certified school personnel.


    Students are encouraged to be responsible for their own medication. State law requires physician/health care provider and parent authorization for students to carry and self-administer medication while at school. This form may be found on the backside of the Medical Examiner’s Report and also as a stand-alone form. Both may be obtained from the Health Office or downloaded online. This form should be completed by the physician and parent of any student self-administering medication at school. Over the counter and prescription pain medications, allergy medications, etc., are not given out from the Health Office. If medication must be given by or kept in the Health Office, special instructions must be on file. Contact the Health Aide for the proper form.


    Vision and hearing screening is done according to California State requirements and upon request of student, teacher, or parent. The District Nurse will notify parents or guardians of the results and recommendations for students who do not meet the minimum standards for vision and hearing.


    It is extremely important that you keep all medical emergency information and emergency contact information up to date so you may be reached promptly when necessary. This information may be updated as necessary within “InfoSnap,” the online information and registration system. Please list as many emergency contacts as possible, listing daytime numbers where they can be reached.


    Learn more on Student Health district information.

Aragon Health Office

  • Office Hours: 
    8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

    Health Aide: 
    Lesley Franco

Free Drop-In Covid Testing at AHS

  • Free Drop in Covid Testing

    Aragon Theater Lobby

    Thursdays, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. 

  • We will have free COVID testing for all students and staff at each of the high schools. We have partnered with CDPH Rapid Antigen Program and Primary Health to offer BinaxNOW testing free of charge with no need to enter any insurance information. Results will be sent to you within 30 minutes. You must be registered before testing. No appointment needed, please come between classes, at brunch, lunch or during not at school period. Testing takes 3-5 minutes and is a self-administered nasal swab!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can get tested?

    SMUHSD students and staff are welcome to get tested at any school site.

    How often can I get tested?

    You can get tested as often as you want.

    What if I have already had Covid-19?

    The suggested wait period between testing after having Covid-19 is 90 days.

    Learn more: www.smuhsd.org/covid-testing