Concurrent Enrollment

  • San Mateo County Community College District Concurrent Enrollment enables high school students to take community college courses and earn college credits free of tuition! Wondering whether to take a class? Check out this video by Mills Counseling on The Benefits of Taking a Community College Class.


     How to Register for Community College Courses

    1. Determine which class(es) you wish to take: College Class Schedules
    2. Depending on which campus is offering the class, follow the Concurrent Enrollment registration instructions:
      1. Skyline College
      2. College of San Mateo 
      3. Canada College
    3. To take a math course, you must first email to request and submit a math waiver. 
    4. Complete the college's Concurrent Enrollment Request Form, adding both student & parent signatures. 
    5. Submit the Concurrent Enrollment form to your school counselor (who is the "Designee") for their signature, either in person or via email.
    6. Upload your completed Concurrent Enrollment Request form to Websmart
    7. If you need a copy of your transcript for Math or English placement, follow these instructions on how to download a transcript
    8. After your form is approved by the community college, register for classes in Websmart on or after your registration date. 

     Questions? Contact your school counselor! 

    SMUHSD Concurrent Enrollment website