Message from the Principal


    August  2023.  

    Welcome to Peninsula High School (PHS). We have a rich history of serving students from San Mateo Union High School District (SMUHSD) who are off-track for graduation and providing quality education programs.  At Peninsula, we focus on getting our students “back on track.” Our school is set up to accommodate our students’ academic and social needs.  For many of our students, this is a time of uncertainty with the impact of COVID19. We believe it is a great time for students to renew their goals and educational aspirations and to take advantage of all of our academic and social support whether learning is remote or in a physical classroom. At Peninsula, regardless of what program you are in, we treat everyone like family and take care of our own. Every day you will be provided the coaching for academics, personal, life skills, and future careers.  While the pandemic impacted us differently throughout each day, week, or month, it is important that students take advantage of the social-emotional supports we are providing. Our students will feel more connected to their instructors and provided the opportunity to ask more questions.  Our staff is trained in providing the very best in differentiated education. Through a combination of teacher-led direct instruction, diverse Canvas activities, breakout room activities, and academic/social emotional support, the Puma Family is here to provide a well-rounded and supportive academic education. Our focus is to give our students’ the skills they need to be successful in post-secondary life. Together, we are going to create the right plan for everyone to succeed. We are looking forward to bringing out renewed energy and drive in our students. 

    Peninsula High School will be available to 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.  PHS students have three options when enrolling after one school year. These students can either return to their comprehensive site if caught up on their credits, pursue our education diploma, or if insufficient progress the student is enrolled in work towards the Adult School Diploma/GED. At PHS, the majority of core classes will be offered in five of our six periods with career classes/social support during sixth period.  Sophomores will be provided a full six period day to help them increase credits and opportunities to return to their comprehensive sites as juniors. Regardless of grade level, every student will be offered academic and social emotional support classes.  A student who gets back on track is not forced to return to their comprehensive site and may continue their academics with us.  Students will learn some basic skills and concepts to help prepare them for the rigors of high school while utilizing the educational strategies and tools provided.  Students will also learn problem solve skills both independently and group settings while enhancing their educational and communication skills.  


    The post-secondary pathways we emphasize are: 

    • Community college and transfer to a university
    • AA degree from a community college
    • Job training schools
    • Military
    • Work Force

    My staff and I can’t wait to help the Puma seniors walk across the stage at graduation on May 30th, 2024.  We look forward to helping each student achieve his or her diploma.  At Peninsula High School, we help our students learn, find academic success and support, and the pathway that serves them best. This year will present challenges but the Puma Staff is prepared to support all students with skills to meet today and future challenges.  I look forward to us working together and having a great year. 


    Ron Campana