mission and vision

  • Mission...a statement of system purpose and critical means

    The mission of the San Mateo Union High School District is to challenge and motivate each student to achieve full potential as a responsible member of our diverse community, in a safe learning environment that promotes intellectual growth, health, creativity, and respect for self and others.

    Beliefs...fundamental convictions and basic values

     We believe that:

    • Each individual has equal inherent dignity and worth.
    • Family is essential to the development of an individual's values.
    • Learning develops the aesthetic, emotional, intellectual, practical, and social aspects of the whole person.
    • Learning is a unique, personal, and lifelong experience.
    • Motivation is essential for reaching one's potential.
    • Higher expectations yield higher results.
    • Communities have a responsibility to the individual as individuals have a responsibility to the community.
    • Diversity enriches the community.