• Under new state bill SB 277, beginning January 1, 2016, exemptions based on personal beliefs will no longer be an option for the vaccines that are currently required for entry into child care or school in California. 

    Most families will not be affected by the new law because their children have received all required vaccinations. Personal beliefs exemptions on file for a child already attending child care or school will remain valid until the child reaches the next immunization checkpoint at kindergarten (including transitional kindergarten) or 7th grade. Students will not be admitted to classes in the fall without an immunization record meeting state documentation requirements or an exemption document on file in the Health Office! Information regarding important immunizations available for adolescents, including Tdap (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis), meningococcal, Human papillomavirus infection, and others, are available in the Health Office or from the District Nurse upon request.

    Pursuant to Health Safety Code section 120325, a parent may consent in writing for a physician, surgeon, or registered nurse acting under the direction of a supervising physician and surgeon to administer an immunizing agent to a pupil at school. The District shall cooperate with local health authorities in the control of communicable disease and immunizations. (Ed. Code §§ 48216, 48980(a), 49403). 

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    Immunization Requirement Forms: 
    View and download the current immunization requirements and the immunization requirements that went into effect July 1, 2019.