Physical Exams and Screenings

  • District policy requires that all students registering in the San Mateo Union High School District shall present a Medical Examiner’s Statement, no later than the close of the first semester. The Medical Examiner’s Statement is available in the “Health Forms” section of the District website and in the Health Office. 

    If you wish to waive this requirement for your student, you must file a written request to the school principal. (District Policy Category 441.1.4)   The District is required to conduct certain physical examinations, including vision and hearing screening of students, unless the parent provides written objection annually. A student may be sent home when there is reason to believe that he/she is suffering from recognized contagious disease and allowed to return only when the District staff is satisfied that the student is not contagious or infectious. The District shall cooperate with local health authorities in the control of communicable disease. (Ed. Code §§ 49451, 49452, 49452.5, 49455 49403, Health Safety Code § 124085)