Administration of Medication at School

  • Medication prescribed by a physician/health care provider for a student may be administered during the school day by a registered nurse or other designated school personnel, or be self-administered by the student, only if authorized by the student’s physician/health care provider and parent. All authorizations for medication are required to clearly state the name and nature of the medication, the method of administration, the amount/dosage, the time of administration, and provide a release for the Student Health Coordinator or other designated personnel to consult with the student’s physician/health care provider regarding any questions that may arise with regard to the medication. 

    Authorizations for students to self-medicate must also confirm that the student is able to self-medicate and release the School District and school personnel from civil liability if the self-administering student suffers an adverse reaction as a result of self-administering medication pursuant to this law. Medication authorizations are required at least annually and more frequently if the medication, dosage, frequency of medication, or reason for administration changes. (CCR, Title 5, § 605, Ed Code §§ 49423, 49423.1, 49423.5) 

    The Authorization for Medication(s) to be Taken During School Hours form is available in the school Health Office, the District Information section of this handbook, and in the “Health and Wellness” section of the District website. If your student requires medication during the school day, please return the completed form to the school Health Office by the first day of school.