Conflict Resolution

  • In the event that a conflict or concern regarding a student-athlete's participation arises, athletes and parents are encouraged to deal with these issues in a timely manner. The following series of steps is recommended:

    • First Step: The student-athlete should approach the coach to set up a convenient time to discuss the problem. Helping athletes learn to advocate for themselves and to communicate effectively with adults is an important part of the maturation process.
    • Second Step: If the athlete is not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting with the coach, the parent of the athlete should ask to meet with the coach to help find a solution or come to a mutual understanding.
    • Third Step: If the first two steps do not resolve the issue, the athlete and/or parent may request to meet with the Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will attempt to facilitate a positive outcome (this may involve a meeting among involved parties).
    • Fourth Step: After the first three steps have been taken and the issue is not resolved, the athlete and/or parent may approach a school administrator (Assistant Principal or Principal) for assistance.

    While not all issues can be resolved with a mutually agreeable solution, it is hoped that students, parents, and coaches will feel supported by an administrative team that will listen to and consider their concerns.

    Please note that issues regarding playing time and coaching strategy are not typically appropriate issues for discussion between parents and coaches. Coaches are entrusted to make these decisions in the best interest of their teams, and parental influence is often unfair to other students and the team in general. While legitimate disagreement in this area may exist, the coach's decision on these matters is considered final.