Social Science Courses


    Grade: 9 Duration/Credits Semester/5 Credits
    UC/CSU: Yes; “a” - History/Social Science

    The course starts with an investigation of history as a discipline, and students are introduced to the thinking skills employed by historians, such as identifying perspective, evaluating sources for trustworthiness, and contextualization. The focus of the second unit is on justice and the differing ways people try to create just societies. The case studies used may include Ancient Greece, the US, France, Somalia, the Dominican Republic, and England, and focus on revolutions and changes in government. The topic of the third unit is the Industrial Revolution, and students think critically about the benefits and drawbacks of technological progress during the mid-1800s, as well as today. Throughout the semester students are building reading strategies that promote comprehension as well as disciplinary thinking.


    Grade: 10 Duration/Credit: Semester/5 Credits
    UC/CSU: Yes; “a” - History/Social Science

    This semester-long course is a survey of three non-Western regions. Themes include globalization, human rights and nation-building. Each unit starts with a focus on cultural heritage. After students learn about the basic religious, cultural and ethnic background of each country, we focus on the challenges that people and nations have faced while modernizing. The course is designed to teach students a few basic social studies skills that they will need during high school. It is also intended to give students knowledge about non-Western regions of the world, and to make them sensitive to cultural differences.


    Grade: 2nd semester 9th and first semester 10th
    Duration/Credits Year/10 Credits
    UC/CSU: Yes; “a” - History/Social Science

    After a brief review of the foundations of Western society, students focus on the history of Europe from the French Revolution through the Cold War. Units include the Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, and World War I. The course focuses on a core of information that helps to explain why Western nations have come to power in the last two centuries. The course is designed to further the development of skills that students will need in social sciences at Hillsdale High School. 


    Grade: 11 Duration/Credit: Year/10 Credits
    UC/CSU: Yes; “a” - History/Social Science

    The goal of this course is to provide students with a rich, balanced, and thought-provoking treatment of the American past. The first semester reviews the early settlement of America through the Civil War and covers the period of Reconstruction, Industrialization, the Progressive Era, the rise of America as a world power, and the nation’s involvement in the First World War. The second semester focuses on the 1920’s, the Great Depression, U.S. involvement in WWII and its consequences, including the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, and the 60’s counterculture. The course ends with contemporary history and the challenges posed by the early 21st century.


    Grade: 10 Duration/Credit: Year/10 Credits
    UC/CSU: Yes; “a” - History/Social Science

    The AP US History course is a graduation requirement alternative which covers the major topical areas of a standard college level U.S. History course from the time period of discovery and the first European explorations to the present day. Students will study and analyze original documents and alternative interpretations of American history in an attempt to prepare for the Advanced Placement examination. Students who enroll in the course can expect extensive reading and writing, which will include document-based and free response essays. Students should be highly motivated with strong academic and time management skills and should have an interest in furthering their understanding of the American past.


    Grade: 12 Duration/Credit Semester /5 Credits
    UC/CSU: Yes; “a” - History/Social Science

    This is a one-semester graduation requirement which covers the origins and structure of American government at national, state, and local levels. The course focuses on the Constitution, the Bill of rights, the three branches of government, the rights and responsibilities of a citizen, and the relationship between federal and local government. Students will discuss current political issues as they prepare to vote, participate in community activities, and to assume the responsibilities of citizenship.


    Grade: 12 Duration/Credit Semester /5 Credits
    UC/CSU: Yes; “a” - History/Social Science

    This one-semester course offered in the fall semester and is an alternative graduation requirement to the regular American Government course. The course is designed to prepare students to take the Advanced Placement Examination. Coursework is challenging, requiring extensive reading and writing. Topics cover the Constitution and the political institutions that makeup the framework of American government. Students are expected to possess the strong academic skills to master a considerable amount of material in preparation for the AP exam. Students will learn key economics concepts in the spring semester which will complement their AP government curriculum in preparation for the AP exam.


    Grade: 12 Duration/Credit Semester /5 Credits
    UC/CSU: Yes; “g” – elective

    This is a one-semester course offered in the spring as is required for graduation. Students will study the general theories, structures, functions and processes of the American economic system. Students will 24 focus on the role of the citizen as a consumer, producer and investor. Students will study the principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics, including production and consumption, supply and demand, business organization, fiscal and monetary policies, and international trade. The course also explores the changing role of government in the economic system.