Bridge Program

  • Bridge Program Design

    The ELD Bridge Program is designed to serve ELD level I  students entering the SMUHSD as seniors with few to no credits who would be better served in an alternative program. Providing this alternative will allow the teachers to design curriculum to specifically meet these particular students’ needs, take into account that they have gaps in their education, and prepare them to be successful when they transition into the adult school to complete their ESL pathway or go on the community college. The goal is  to accelerate students’ language acquisition and start Adult School at the intermediate level instead of the beginning level, allowing them to access more classes and be more successful.

    Students in the Bridge Program will be enrolled as students of Peninsula High School but will attend classes at a satellite campus - the San Mateo Adult School. They will be scheduled into four classes: English Language Development (ELD) Level I (two periods), Math, and an elective. Teachers will collaborate closely on developing relevant and appropriate curriculum for their student population which will include enriching in-class and out of class experiences.  Students will have access to counseling services through our mental health program, and our brunch/lunch program at San Mateo High School. Additionally, Bridge staff will work with the adult school to educate students about potential pathways for the future and to ensure a smooth transition into the adult school when they complete the Bridge Program.

    Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible for the Bridge Program students should meet the following criteria:

    1. Entering the district as a senior
    2. Will not be able to graduate at our comprehensive site   
    3. Identified as ELD I through placement tests

    Additional criteria that may be considered:

    • Juniors entering as an ELD I with less than 60 credits
    • Seniors entering at ELD II
    • Student identified as SIFE (student with interrupted formal education)
    • Student identified to have experienced trauma
    • Student has extenuating circumstances (need to work, etc.)

    A student who meets the criteria listed above could still opt to attend a comprehensive school.

    For more information, please contact Samia Shoman at

  • Kent Award logo

    The SMUHSD Bridge Program was a recipient of a 2020 Kent Award, given by the San Mateo County School Board Association.

    Watch the video to learn more about the Bridge Program.