AVID Course Description

  • AVID = Advancement Via Individual Determination

    This program is offered as an elective course that prepares students for entrance into four-year colleges. There is an emphasis on analytical writing, preparation for college entrance and placement exams, study skills and test taking, note taking, and researchCollege entry skills include: note-taking, test-taking strategies, time management, textbook reading, library research and organization. AVID students are expected to maintain an organized binder, including an assignments calendar, class and textbook notes, assignments, and homework, which are graded regularly.

    Fridays allow for motivational activities, which include college and career research, college and career outreach, guest speakers, field trips to colleges and businesses and other educational opportunities in our community. These activities allow students to pursue and excel in the many positive opportunities available to them in the community.

    AVID Senior Seminar is on the UC/CSU a-g list as a “g” elective.

10th Grade Teacher