Work Permits


  • Work Permit Information from the State of California

    You got a job – congratulations!

    If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, have not graduated High School, and are enrolled in one of our schools, you need a permit to work.

    The high school you attend can issue you a permit to work that you give to your employer. The permit will be good for a limited period of time – for example during the summer. If you are still working when the permit expires, you must go through the process again (see next column).

    You don’t need an appointment to obtain a work permit, but it is a good idea to call first to make sure someone is at your school to issue one.

    Aragon High School

    (650) 558-2999

    Burlingame High School

    (650) 558-2899

    Capuchino High School

    (650) 558-2799

    Hillsdale High School

    (650) 558-2699

    Mills High School

    (650) 558-2599

    San Mateo High School

    (650) 558-2399


    The student must bring the form and ID in person to a SMUHSD site.

    We cannot issue a work permit to a parent or guardian.

    The District Office requires a social security card (or copy) as well as a picture ID.

    The work permit has an expiration date at the top. If you are still working after that date you will need another permit.


    The student needs the following:

    1. The “Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit” form. You can obtain this form from the school, from the district office, from your employer, or from our web site. (On the main page, choose Teachers and Staff. Choose the Forms link. On the left navigation bar choose “Student Request to Work Form”. Click the link for the form and print.)
    2. The Minor’s Information and School Information sections are completed by the student. The Employer section is completed by the employer.
    3. A picture ID. Drivers license, school ID, California State ID, Passport --- these are all valid picture IDs.
    4. Bring the form and your ID to your school. They will keep the form and issue you a work permit.


    Students who attend a non-district school (i.e. private) but live within our district boundaries may come to the district office to get a work permit. See other page for paperwork needed.

    Students who live outside the district but are visiting relatives or a parent who lives within district boundaries may come to the district office to get a work permit. See other page for paperwork needed.

    Work Permit information for non-enrolled students

    The California Department of Education has some good information on work permits.

    Go to the CDE web site: and type in “work permits” in the search box at the top right.

    San Mateo Union High School District

    650 N. Delaware

    San Mateo, CA 94401

    Phone: (650) 558-2299

    Visit Our District Website

  • Work Permit

    Click on the image to download the work permit application.

    Need a work permit?  Please come to the Career Center, fill out your request.  

    Allow 24 hours for PICKUP


    1. Good attendance

    2. Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA

    3. Parent or guardian permission

    4. Current work permit

    5. Non-hazardous occupation

    Be ready with the following information:

    1. Where you are going to work

    2. How many hours you will work a week

    3. When you need the work permit by

    See links for additional information on work permits and youth workers.

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