Private colleges require applicants to submit official transcripts. Students do NOT need to submit transcripts for UC or CSU applications, unless they request them (check your portals regularly to be sure). Beginning Fall 2018, there are no transcript fees for current students.

    TO REQUEST TRANSCRIPTS (Current students):

    Log into Naviance Student - Follow steps below or watch Video Tutorial

    • If requesting initial transcripts for colleges, add colleges to your list of “Colleges I’m Applying To.” You will be asked if you wish for transcripts to be sent. Request an initial transcript only. (If the college is already on your list, select the “+REQUEST TRANSCRIPTS” button on the right).
    • Note: A final transcript is only necessary for the one college you will attend, which you will request in May via the Graduation Survey in Naviance.
    • If requesting transcripts for scholarships, NCAA eligibility, etc.:
      1. Click on the “Colleges” tab, then select “Apply to College,” then click “Manage Transcripts.”
      2. Click on the red plus sign on the right side.
      3. Click on “Other transcript.”
      4. Enter information, then click “Request and Finish.”
    • Later you can return to the “Manage Transcripts” link to check the status of your transcript request.

    Transcript grades may also be viewed in student & parent Aeries portals. Current students wishing to request unofficial transcripts (e.g. for scholarships, etc.) can contact Karl Steinbrecher, Student Data Analyst, at 

    TO REQUEST FINAL TRANSCRIPTS (Current students):

    Final transcripts will automatically be sent to the college that seniors plan to attend, as long as they complete the Graduation Survey in Naviance in May of their senior year. All 4-year colleges (including the UC’s & CSU’s) require an official final transcript.

    * Students who have taken community college courses must request official transcripts from the college’s Admissions & Records department (not from Mills).





    • Fill out the Former Student Transcript Request Form. Each transcript costs $8.
    • Transcripts can be picked up from the office of the Student Data Analyst or mailed. Students requesting transcripts for colleges may also log into Naviance to request that transcripts be sent electronically.
    • Payment can be made in cash or check, made out to Mills High School.
    • An email will be sent when your order has been completed.