Ninth Grade Counseling Information

  • Course of Study

    Our 9th grade students take English, History, Biology and PE.  Students will be placed in a math class based on their 8th grade course in combination with the placement test and teacher recommendation.  Students have the choice to take up to two additional electives including a world language.  Many 9th graders choose to only take 6 classes as they transition to high school.  However, students have the option to take seven classes that might include a visual and performing arts class, an academic support class, or a class that meets the needs of their IEP.

    Meetings with Counselors

    In addition to counselors visiting students and giving presentation within advisory, Individual meetings between counselor & student as needed for:

    • Social/Emotional Support
    • Questions regarding classes
    • Academically At-Risk Students

    Ninth grade Level Supports

    Hillsdale students will receive the following supports that are unique to the ninth grade:

    • Academic support and having an individualized 4 year plan.
    • Review of semester classes and transcript review.
    • Exploring post-secondary options  ( access to college & career)
    • Utilizing support services on campus ( access to academic/wellness counseling)

    Ninth grade Time Line