Tenth Grade Counseling Information

  • Course of Study

    Our 10th grade students take English, History, Chemistry, PE year 2 and continue in their math sequence.  Students have the option to continue or begin their world language courses or choose from additional electives on campus.

    Meetings with Counselors

    In addition to counselors visiting students and giving presentation within advisory, Individual meetings between counselor & student as needed for:

    • Social/Emotional Support
    • Questions regarding classes
    • Academically At-Risk Students

    Tenth grade Level Supports

    Hillsdale students will receive the following supports that are unique to the tenth grade:

    • Academic support and having an individualized 4 year plan.
    • Review of semester classes and transcript review.
    • Exploring post-secondary options  ( access to college & career)
    • Utilizing support services on campus ( access to academic/wellness counseling)

    Family Presentations

    Links to family presentations will be posted here when available.

    Class Transitions and Stress Reducers Presentation

    Four Year College Options

    Life Beyond High School

    Sophomore Open House Presentation March