The English Language Development Bridge Program

  • Our Bridge Program is designed for newcomer students who have recently arrived in the United States and have experienced interrupted formal education. These students are placed in 11th or 12th grade. 

    These students enroll in the District with few to no credits and are often better served in an alternative program - like the Bridge Program - that can meet their academic and social emotional needs. 

    Providing this alternative allows teachers to:

    • Design curriculum to specifically meet these students’ needs
    • Take into account that students have gaps in their education
    • Prepare students to be successful when they transition into San Mateo Adult School to complete their English as a Second Language pathway or go on to community college 

    The goal of the Bridge Program is  to accelerate students’ language acquisition and prepare them to start at the Adult School at the intermediate level instead of the beginning level, allowing them to access more classes and be more successful. 

    As of November 2021, the Bridge Program is currently serving 52 students from Central America and Mexico. They arrived with dreams of learning English and making a new home, and are working tirelessly towards that goal. 

    The Program is serving 52 students during the 2021-2022 School Year.


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