Multilingual / English Learner Content Classes

  • Our district offers the following core content classes in Math, Science, and Social Science through Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (S.D.A.I.E.) by an appropriately credentialed teacher with English Learner authorization. Classes may be offered in alternating years depending on the number of English Language Development students at a site and are not all offered at every site. These classes may also be offered in summer school.

List of English Learner Content Classes



    Social Science


    Other Subjects

    English Language Development Math (for Newcomer students only that qualify)

    English Learner Contemporary World Studies

    English Learner Biology

    English Learner Health

    English Learner Algebra

    English Learner Algebra Support

    English Learner Modern World History

    English Learner Chem

    Spanish for Native Speakers

    English Learner Geometry

    English Learner United States History

    English Learner Physics

    Chinese for Native Speakers


    English Learner Government/Economics