San Mateo Union High School District Vision

  • In the San Mateo Union High School District we understand the success of our English Learners is the collective responsibility of all educators in partnership with our families and communities. The San Mateo Union High School District is committed to providing our English Learners a rigorous and relevant academic education and the socio-emotional support they need to be engaged in our schools and graduate college and career ready. We value the rich cultural and linguistic diversity English Learners bring to our schools and community, and believe in using culturally responsive practices to respect and affirm the language and culture of each student. We are proud of the diversity that our English Learners (E.L.) add to our school communities.

    We have students from a vast number of countries that speak a diverse numbers of languages. Their cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds enrich our school communities. We are committed to fully integrating and educating our English Learners and their families in our schools.

    English Language Development council vision: Our vision is to prepare English learners for both high school and post-high school success through the development of English literacy , academic identity, and critical thinking skills.

    The District English Language Advisory Committee vision is that our English Learner students are loved, supported, understood, and successful in our schools.

Nancy with graduate
  • Nancy Yance Chavez (Family Engagement Coordinator - San Mateo High School) with 2017 graduate William Villanueva