• Reclassification is the process whereby an English Learner (grades 9 to 12) is reclassified as a Fluent English Proficient (R.F.E.P.) student after meeting various linguistic and academic criteria set by the state and district to reflect proficiency in English.  The San Mateo Union High School District has developed student reclassification policy and procedures based on criteria set forth by California Department of Education (C.D.E.) guidelines in accordance with Title 5, Section 11303 of the California Code of Regulations.

    Students must meet all four criteria listed below in order to qualify for reclassification to fluency:

    #1) Proficiency on Annual California English Language Development Test test

    #2) Demonstration of “basic skills” on district assessment

    #3) Teacher Recommendation

    #4) Parent Notification

    Must meet at least ONE of the following two requirements

    One teacher recommendation will always be required. Two teacher recommendations will be required when student meets minimum Lexile or Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium score criteria (see footnote 1 and 2)

    Overall proficiency on California English Language Development Test  of level 4 (early advanced) or level 5 (advanced) with no more than one sub- score of 3 (intermediate)

    Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI)

    Lexile score of at least 1000 or minimum of 850*

    Students will qualify on the following teacher evaluation criterion based on:

    • Grade of C or better in English Language Arts or English Language Development

    • If grades are lower than above, teacher may complete a “Teacher Recommendation” form to determine if the student’s grade is not due to language acquisition issues in order to satisfy this requirement.

    Parent signature on Notification of English Language Program Exit Letter

    Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) in ELA from 8th or 11th grade

    Standard Met or Standard Nearly Met (minimum score of 2487)**

    English Learners with an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.): If a site reclassification team (E.L.D. teacher, E.L.D. chair, E.L. Specialist, and a site administrator) determines that an English Learner with an Individualized Education Plan would benefit from EL reclassification, but the student’s disability prevents him/her from meeting the above criteria, the Special Education Department Head or a representative of Special Education from the district may recommend that a particular criteria be adjusted accordingly.

    * If a student’s Lexile score is lower than 1000, two teacher recommendations (English Language Arts and additional subject content teacher is required)

    ** Student score for standard nearly met must be no more than 25 points less than the minimum score for standard met and must be accompanied by two teacher recommendations (English Language Arts and additional subject content teacher is required)