Attendance Codes

  • Attendance Codes in Aeries:

    Students and parents are advised to check AERIES at least every other day to check for the accuracy of each student’s attendance.  Families can expect a phone call or email home from teachers and/or the school when a student has been marked "J" or "Distance Learning Not Engaged" for one or more periods in a day.  Please email Ms. Burch, our Attendance Clerk, with any questions at 

    A – Activity

    B – 30+ Minutes Tardy

    G – Religious

    I – Illness

    J - Distance Learning Not Engaged

    L – Tardy

    M – Tardy Excused

    N – Unexcused Absence

    Q - Distance Learning Not Present

    S – Suspended

    W - Distance Learning Tardy

    T – Truant (Cut)

    U – Unverified

    X – Excused

    Y – Distance Learning Tardy Not Engaged