Attendance Codes

  • Attendance Codes in Aeries:

    Students and parents are advised to check AERIES at least every other day to check for the accuracy of each student’s attendance.  This is even more important in the event that they receive a call from the Attendance Office indicating that the student has been marked absent for one or more periods in a day.  Please contact the attendance office immediately if there are any incorrect entries in your student’s attendance record so we can advise you of next steps for verifying and correcting possible errors.

    A – Activity

    B – 30+ Minutes Tardy

    G – Religious

    I – Illness

    L – Tardy

    M – Tardy Excused

    N – Unexcused Absence

    S – Suspended

    T – Truant (Cut)

    U – Unverified

    X – Excused

    Y – YSB Program