Excused Absences

  • The State of California has identified the following as valid excuses for absence from school:

    Illness:  Verified quarantine, medical, dental, or optometry services are defined by state law as excused absences. Students are permitted to make up all work missed.

    Non-Illness:  Absences for the funeral of student’s immediate family or court mandated appearances may be excused upon proper verification. These absences are considered excused and warranted. Students are permitted to make up all work missed if the absence is excused.

    Religious released time:  Pupils with the consent of their parents or guardians, through phone call to the Attendance Office, may be excused from school in order to participate in religious or moral exercises and instruction as provided by the Education Code. Students are permitted to make up all work missed.

    Suspension:  When a student is suspended, a reasonable effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian in person or by phone. A suspended student is not permitted to be on any district campus or attend any school event in the district. Police may be contacted. Upon request, the teacher may provide assignments to students on suspension; however, giving credit for these assignments is at the teacher’s discretion (Ed. Code 48913).  Students who are suspended may not attend or participate in school-related events for 10 calendar days from the date of the suspension. Any student under the influence or in possession of alcohol or drugs at a school event may not attend or participate in school related events for 60 calendar days from the date of the suspension. If the incident occurs at a school dance, the student may not attend the next Burlingame High School dance.

    Alternative to Suspension:  As a district and a school, we are exploring additional interventions and options to the suspension process.  Students assigned to an Alternative to Suspension (ATS) program will be required for to attend a program on a Saturday or assigned to the program during a regular school day, focused on assisting students to identify unhealthy behaviors and reflect on how to behave in a more positive and healthy manner.  Students missing class to attend an Alternative to Suspension assignment will be able to make up any work missed.