Tardy Policy

  • Tardies:

    1. Students are tardy if they are not in their classroom when the second warning bell rings or if they arrive late without a pass.
    2. No credit is allowed for work missed when a student is tardy from class.
    3. Students are late for Physical Education if they are not in the locker room when the second warning bell rings and if they are not present when the instructor commences roll call.
    4. Tardy can be cleared up 48 hours from the time of the tardy.After this time, the tardy becomes part of the student’s permanent record and cannot be cleared, except by administration.
    5. The number of tardies is based on a student’s attendance record. Serving detentions and Saturday Work Study does not remove tardies or cuts/truancies from a student’s record.

    Failure to serve any consequence assigned to a tardy or truancy infraction will result in the next level of consequence being assigned.  Our goal is to encourage students and prompt them to assrive on time to class and be present for school unless they have one of the five valid reasons for being absent.

  • Tardy Table