later start

  • The research is in. Teens need more sleep. More sleep equates to improved mental health and improved academic performance. Schools and districts across the country are looking at the research that a few extra zzzzs is good for your student.

    The Science

    Why? Teens’ circadian rhythms – biological sleep cycles – are different than those of adults. Teens go to bed later and wake later.

    Efforts by Neighboring Schools and Districts

    Schools like Carlmont High and Half Moon Bay High School have moved start times later. Davis Unified starts middle school later and is moving high schools to a later start for the 17/18 school year. Districts and schools interested in moving to a later start time all have similar challenges to address – concerns about traffic and commute times, labor agreements that are not in alignment with a later start, activities and sports that will end later.

Comic by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman