Just for Fun

  • New Joys and Skills

    Adult Education provides for both academic and non-academic pursuits. Sometimes our lives are made fuller by learning new things simply for joy of acquiring new skills that improve our outlook on life.  Just for Fun classes provide that.

    Classes offered in the Just For Fun category give students a chance to learn an new language or acquire a new skill. There is no high school, college, or continuing education credit given for these classes.

    Language Classes

    Classes in both Italian and Spanish will broaden the experiences of the world traveler or help you become more familiar with a different culture. Language and travel go hand in hand, and with a shrinking world, some fluency in another language goes a long way.


    Attention Au Pairs!

    San Mateo Adult School no longer has federal accreditation (see below). The education requirement listed below requires attendance at a federally accredited institution. Hours of attendance at this school do not count toward the visa requirements.

    Au Pair Education Requirements

    U.S. government regulations require that au pairs be provided with opportunities for cultural and educational enrichment. As part of this educational and cultural requirement, the host family is asked to ensure that the au pair enrolls in and satisfactorily completes substantive academic coursework relating to the study of American culture, values, history, geology, politics, or the arts. Host families are also required to cover any necessary fees (up to $500 over the year). Au pairs must successfully complete six credit hours of continuing education coursework during the program year (equivalent of 3 hours class time per week).