Parking & Transportation

  • Location: 

    San Mateo Adult School is located at 789 East Poplar Ave, San Mateo, California, 94401.  The cross streets are Humboldt and Delaware.

    It is next to two other schools, a few blocks from the 101 freeway, and near major public transportation lines.  It’s a busy area and parking can be difficult.  Carpooling, bicycling, and use of public transportation are encouraged.


  • Here are key facts to know about parking at San Mateo Adult School:

    • San Mateo Adult School has several parking areas for our students and staff.  
    • A large portion of this parking is shaded by solar panels. 
    • The student parking areas include
      • 1) a parking lot along Poplar Ave, that you enter just after entering the driveway to the school
      • 2) a parking lot between the SMART Center and the L-shaped bank of classrooms
      • 3) a parking lot tucked behind the L-shaped bank of classrooms, between the bus yard and the large grassy area.
    • Many of the parking spots fill up early in the morning.  The parking lot next to the bus yard fills up first.
    • Do not walk through the bus yard if you park on Humboldt Avenue.  This is dangerous.
    • Do not park in the staff parking lot. 
    • Disabled parking spots are only for cars with disabled placards or license plates.
    • If the parking lots are full, there is parking on the street.
    • Please drive safely and allow time to find parking. 
    • Watch for pedestrians, buses, and bicyclists.  Share the road.  
    • Poplar Avenue is a busy entrance and exit on 101. 
    • Allow extra time to find parking and drive safely during morning and afternoon start and end times for the three schools and for the start time of evening classes at San Mateo Adult School or everts at the other two schools, such as graduation, athletic events, etc.  

    Remember:  Safety first today - it may be too late tomorrow!

Driving to and from SMAS

  • Be Safe 

    San Mateo Adult School is located next to two schools.  San Mateo Adult School directly adjoins San Mateo High School. College Park Elementary is across the street on Poplar. All three schools begin and end their day programs at similar times.  In the morning especially, it is very busy and there are many students of all ages walking and driving to school or being dropped off.  Additionally, the district bus yard is located on the north end of the Adult School.  Large buses come and go through our parking area.  School events for all three schools and San Mateo Union High School District Board meetings all affect parking availability. Note: Board meetings are held in the SMART Center twice a month on Thursday evenings.

    For these reasons, care and planning are the keys to a safe and successful parking and transportation experience at San Mateo Adult School.  Where possible, we encourage students to carpool, take public transportation or ride their bicycle to school.  


Public Transit and Bicycling

  • Many Choices


    Samtrans buses are generally clean and comfortable. The major lines come frequently.  The 292 and 53 lines run along Delaware Avenue.  The "ECR" - El Camino Real line - Samtrans bus line is a major bus line that runs along El Camino Real.  El Camino - as people often call it - is a major road that runs north and south along the Peninsula.  

    Visit or call 1-800-660-4287 for more information.


    The closest Caltrain station is in downtown San Mateo - a fifteen minute walk or a short busride from the Adult School.  Visit or call 1-800-660-4287 for more information.


    The closest BART Station is Millbrae.  Catch the El Camino Real Samtrans bus from there. Get off at the Poplar exit and walk east to the Adult School.


    Both students and staff ride their bicycles to San Mateo Adult School.  We have several bike racks where you can safely lock your bike.  Wear a helmet, bring a lock, and ride your bike safely, keeping an eye out for cars, buses, and pedestrians.  The Baytrail runs along the Bay - not far from the Adult School.  It is a special trail for bicycles and walkers.