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LOGIN to NoodleTools


    opens in new window_noodletools


    How to use NoodleTools:

    1. Login
    2. To create a new project - click on the green button labeled +New Project at the upper left


    Need an account?

    1. Click the link above. Then click REGISTER.
    2. On the New User Registration page: School/Library Username is "capuchino" and School/Library Password is "mustang" and then click CONTINUE.
    3. When registering, make sure the bubble for an account linked to a school/library subscription or trial is filled at the left, then fill out all the fields on the right.  Advice:  make your Personal ID the same log-in name and password as your or School Loop account to make it easy to remember.  Don’t forget to type your password twice and then type your initials and 4 digits of a phone number.  Then click REGISTER at the bottom of the screen.