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    Mr. DiLemme’s Science Class

    2017-2018 Earth Science and Biology students should refer to Mr. DiLemme’s Live Agenda to access the recent important documents, such as the current "Table of Contents and Slideshow"

    Grades are posted on canvas. To access canvas, go to: "the main homepage"

    In Mr. DiLemme’s science class, students will need: a 3 ring binder, a writing utensil, and extra lined binder paper.

    Students will keep their work organized in their binders with their updated Table of Contents. Refer to the live agenda for the updated table of contents. Every 1-2 weeks, Mr. DiLemme will collect the work from students’ binders and enter the work into the gradebook on canvas. To be successful, students must keep their binders current and organized at all times.

    If a student misses class, they should go to the Live Agenda to get what work they missed from the current Slideshow and Table of Contents.

    Mr. DiLemme’s science students are graded with the following grading breakdown: 

    1. Projects/Presentations/Labs/Tests/Quizzes 40%
    2. Interactive Notebooks (Classwork) 45%
    3. Participation 10%
    4. Quick Writes 5%
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