• Publications

    Grade level:

    10 to 12

    Course units:

    10 Credits – Year Course

    Graduation requirement:

    Career Technical Education

    University of California/California State University a-g requirement:



    Prerequisite: A strong desire to produce an outstanding photo journalistic product, strong computer skills, and, in most instances, a “B” or higher in English classes.  Freshmen must be recommended by their 8th grade English or yearbook teacher.  Sophomore, junior and senior students must apply for and be interviewed and approved by the Publications advisor and yearbook staff for enrollment in this class.

    Course Description: Publications(Yearbook  Editing, Design & Management) is a two-semester course, combining the high-level critical thinking, reading and writing skills of print journalism with the artistic, creative and aesthetic skills of the visual and graphic arts.  Students master the writing and editing of the most common forms of journalistic stories; read and analyze relevant literature through expository writing; learn and practice the basics of design and layout; analyze and evaluate images based on a set of given values; learn communication, management, and evaluation skills for individuals and small teams; use of state-of-the-art word processing and design software; and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ethical responsibilities and communications law.  This course will sharpen students’ thinking and expression, widen their experience with people and communication, provide an environment for self-directed learning and give them confidence in their ability to see their creative ideas to completion.