College and Career Mission

  • Our mission here at Peninsula High School is to prepare students for college and career readiness as well as research and reflect upon opportunities to be prepared for post-secondary success. Our College and Career program at Peninsula High School provides several opportunities for our students throughout the year. Information is available to them regarding future careers and educational pathways. These include:

    • Biweekly Career Presentations: Representatives from many career fields speak to our students about career pathways and opportunities.


    • CTE Field Trips: To visit specialized organizations on the peninsula (at least six offered each year.)


    • Job Fair: Job Fairs every trimester which provides students with the opportunity to meet, hear, and ask questions from employers and community members on career pathways.


    • Opportunities for Success: Weekly email sent out to the entire PHS community with jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and college information. 


    • SFO Career Academy: Opportunity for students to go through a 4 week training session that leads into a potential summer internship with SFO Airport.


    • College of San Mateo Dual Enrollment: College courses built into the school day for students to take to recieve college credit


    Students and parents are free to stop by during our office hours or to call or email to set up an appointment.

    Lorenzo Hockaday, College and Career Coordinator
    Office A105

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