• Speech

    Grade level:

    10 to 12

    Course units:

    5 Credits – Semester Course

    Graduation requirement:


    University of California/California State University a-g requirement:



    Prerequisite: None

    Suggested Course Preparation: None

    Course Description:  Public speaking students will acquire skills necessary for the planning, rehearsing, and delivery of oral presentations that reflect a clear purpose.  Students will also develop the ability to evaluate a speech based on the speaker’s ethos. Friday speakers will showcase a variety of careers and give students examples of professional presentations. Students will also learn strategies for improving vocal and physical expression.   The public speaking class is designed to help students overcome speech anxiety so that they can address any group of people in any setting.

    Major Projects/Assignments:  Speeches include introduction, informative/demonstration, persuasion, group, and debate. Some speeches require a technology component.

    Approximate homework assigned daily:  None.