Contemporary World Studies (CWS)

  • Contemporary World Studies (CWS)

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    Course units:

    5 Credits – Semester Course

    Graduation requirement:

    Social Science

    University of California/California State University a-g requirement:



    Prerequisite: None

    Suggested Course Preparation/Critical Skills: 1) Notetaking- the ability to take notes from a variety of sources 2) Organization- keeping materials in one folder/binder/notebook 3) Listening-  lectures, explanations of last night’s homework and directions are the key to success!

    Course Description: This course seeks to study the last fifty years of world history from the Non-Western perspective. The purpose of the course will be to study the contemporary issues facing the world today that derive their origin in these regions. It will also serve as an introduction to Non-Western world geography and cultures. While current events in Non-Western regions will often drive in-class discussions, the point of the course is to determine the causes of these current events looking back over the last fifty years. Along with a geographic introduction, the course will study the cultural and religious foundations of Non-Western regions. This course is designed as a part of a comprehensive Social Science program and specifically complements most core academic requirements specifically: College Preparatory World History.

    There are three main areas covered in this course: Africa, Middle East and Latin America as well as several sub-units like Genocide and the Cold War. 

    Major Projects/Assignments: as determined by the instructor

    Approximate homework assigned daily: Approximate homework assigned daily: 20 to 120 minutes.  It is important to note that this serves as an estimate of the nightly average homework load.  It is not intended to be a concrete value and homework completion time will depend upon the nature of the assignment and the abilities and work habits of the student.