Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory

    Grade level:

    10 to 12

    Course units:

    10 Credits – Year Course

    Graduation requirement:

    Visual and Performing Arts

    University of California/California State University a-g requirement:



    Prerequisites:  Ability to read music.  Minimum of one year playing experience on an instrument.

    Course Description:  Music Theory is an advanced-level course designed to explore the intricate workings of music through the study of harmony, melody, rhythm, and musical forms. Emphasis is placed on sight-singing, dictation, music listening, analysis, and elementary composition, If you are interested in composing music, song writing, improvisation, or music analysis, Music Theory is the course you will need to develop these skills and bring your musicianship to new heights.  The course culminates in the Advanced Placement Music Theory exam, which takes place during the end of the second semester of study.  This course meets the fine arts requirement for graduation and is on the University of California/California State University “a-g list".