Inter-District Transfer into the San Mateo Union High School District

    • New 2024-2025 IDT requests accepted from November 6, 2023 - February 2, 2024 for possible enrollment in subsequent school years (IDT Handbook, pg A-1)

    • IDT decisions will be made within 15 school days of receipt starting April 1, 2024. If denied, the first appeal will be in May 2024 (IDT Handbook, pg A-1)

    • All approved IDTs require students to maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher, with no more than one F; with positive attendance and behavior. IDTs may be revoked for students in poor standing (IDT Handbook, pg 3). IDTs may be revoked  if the student is recommended for expulsion pursuant to Education Code 48918.  (Education Code 48309)

    • Please note that IDT requests are approved for the school district, not for a particular school site.  If approved, SMUHSD will enroll your student at a non-impacted school. (IDT Handbook, pg 3)

    • Release approval by the home district does not guarantee, or imply, transfer approval by the San Mateo Union High School District.

    • Upon review of the received release and corresponding application, SMUHSD will notify you of the district’s decision in writing. As the process involves a number of factors, requests are processed within 15 school days. Please note there may be delays in this timeline due to the time of the year (holidays, breaks, etc.), a student's Special Education status, or other reasons beyond staff control.

    • If your student is receiving Special Education and/or Speech Language Services, please attach the most recent IEP

    • Failure to adhere to timelines will be deemed an abandonment of the request

    • Student’s family who falsified their residence may be ineligible to appeal the interdistrict transfer

    • All current 11th and 12th grade students, in good standing within SMUHSD, are eligible to be approved for an interdistrict transfer. Education Code 46600

    SMUHSD's Board policies on Interdistrict Transfers: BP 5117/AR5117

    2024-2025  Inter-District Attendance Handbooks

    Appeal Request Forms

    Appeal Request Form

    Solicitud de Apelacion Contra el Rechazo de la Transferencia Interdistrito


transfer request out of SMUHSD

  • Families wishing for their high school student to attend a high school outside of the San Mateo Union High School boundaries will need to complete and submit the Inter-District Transfer Permit Request.  Parent/guardian will also need to provide their CA Driver’s License and a lease or property tax bill with current utility bill.