Social-Emotional Resources

  • PHS Social-Emotional Resources Available

    Students have access to the following therapeutic/social emotional support groups (7 of 8 are outside resources):

    1. Insights (Drug and Alcohol) (2 groups now and 3 groups total soon)
    2. FLY (Fresh Lifelines for Youth) (Mentoring and learn about law and careers in law)
    3. RTS (Rape Trauma Services)
    4. CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse)
    5. PCRC (Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center in Guided Studies classes
    6. Pride Center
    7. Men’s Group
    8. YEA! Program/Workshop on the relationship of abuse and education surrounding ways to get out and ways to be more aware.

    We're also continuing to build partnerships with outside agencies to provide support for not just our students, but their families as well. 

    Student Progress Checks/Tracker on a Bi-weekly Basis/Family Communication

    1. Students enter in grades/attendance on a tracker sheet and are given a list of questions based on good or bad.
    2. Students are provided different Tiers of intervention to get them back on track.   Parent/Guardians are notified and we keep a file on their progress or lack their of. We empower the teacher as the first Tier of support and move up to different supports such as counselors, dean, and myself.
    3. If a student has met the necessary requirements, they are allowed to participate in a Fun Friday event/Activity.
    • Less than 7 absences: good to go! No Tiered Intervention needed.
    • 7 or more absences: Tier 1 Intervention. These are the students teachers will consult with Friday during 3rd period Targeted Tutorial.
    • 3rd period Academic interventions (Developmental Reading/ELD, Developmental Reading, Algebra Support, Guided Studies 10/11-12, College Study Skills (Coun 101, Personal Finance), and College Study Skills (CTE and Dual Enrollment).