Does Peninsula High School Offer A Standard High School Diploma?

  • What is the Peninsula High School Diploma? Is it worth less than a comprehensive high school diploma because it is from a continuation school?

    • All of our students earn a "Standard High School Diploma."
    • The only difference between our diploma and a comprehensive site diploma is for students who plan to enlist in the military. Some military branches require enrichment courses at the community college prior to enlisting, which is encouraged for all students to be more qualified for specific roles within the military.  Should a student wish to enlist in the military after graduation, we would for these unique situations have the student work towards 220 credits and offer their diploma through Peninsula Alternative High School.
    • Our transcripts/diplomas only say Peninsula High School (no indication of the continuation status of the school). The continuation status gives us flexibility around instructional minutes, alternative ways to earn credits, and the ability implement other resources and services to aid in students' success and wellness.
    • Job applications ask if you have a high school diploma and/or equivalent. Employers care more about what students do in preparation for their careers post high school.
    • Should you have further questions, please contact our principal, Ron Campana at (650) 558-2400.
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