Image header: picture of IB logo followed by International Baccalaureate at Capuchino High School
  •  Whether you get college credit or not, here are the advantages of an IB education

     Academic preparation for college

    • tackle challenging and engaging topics head on
    • go in-depth with teachers on topics of interest to you
    • discuss & debate your opinions with your IB teachers & classmates


    • let colleges know that you’re serious about your education
    • IB on your transcript shows you’re prepared to challenge yourself
    • potentially earn college credit and/or skip introductory classes in college
    • learn what’s expected of you in college
    • develop the skill necessary for college

    Your future

    • For college, IB is a sign you can really apply yourself to higher-level studies.
    • IB courses could help you decide your major.
    • IB course could help you turn the subjects that interest you into a fulfilling career.

     10 Reasons for IB Diploma Programme