Group 3: Individuals and Society

  • IB HISTORY OF THE AMERICAS HL * Grade : 11 & 12 (2 yr. course + May Exam)

    History of the Americas, at the Higher Level will be taught as a 2-year course.The course is designed to develop and expand the students’ understanding of the history of the United States, Latin America, and Canada from colonialism to the present. Students will analyze historical events and their political, social and cultural effects on society. Through this course of study, students will examine a variety of perspectives of each historical event, resulting in a greater understanding of the present through the past. (*only junior year is weighted)

    IB PSYCHOLOGY SL Grade: 11 or 12 (1 yr. course + May Exam)

    IB Psychology Standard Level (SL) includes three compulsory levels of analysis, one option from a choice of five areas of in-depth study, one simple, replicated experimental study, and an external exam in May. The three compulsory levels of analysis are the biological level of analysis, the cognitive level of analysis and the sociocultural level of analysis. These levels of analysis focus on the fundamental influences on behavior and compromise the core of the IB Psychology course. The option for in depth study in this course is Psychology of Human Relationships. Students will replicate an experimental study to fulfill the Internal Assessment requirement of the IB course. The goals of the IB Psychology course are to deepen student’s knowledge of psychology, improve writing and analysis skills, and (ultimately) to prepare for the IB Psychology External Exam. To meet these goals, students complete a variety of readings (textbook, journal articles, and case studies), and writing assessments.