Official IB Scores and Transcripts


    IB scores can be requested and sent to one US college for free. The IB Center will collect this information from each student as part of the senior check-out process. Should a student not give the most accurate information or fail to provide the IB Center with the information prior to June 1, the student will need to visit the IBO website for access to official IB transcripts. This is your one shot to get the transcripts for FREE!

    If you are not a current Capuchino student, you will need to contact the IB Center ( or for log-in credentials. Once you obtain the credentials, you will need to visit the IBO website to order your transcripts. This request will incur a fee.

     IB Score Release Date

    • Scores are released on July 5 (every year).
    • IB will send the scores directly to the institution that each student has identified t they will be attending, per the IB survey filled out before graduation.
    • Scores are only released online. Students must go to and use their login credentials (available in ManageBac) to access their scores.
    During the summer, the IB office is closed. Should you need your login credentials, please contact