Special Education Services

  • Non-Intensive

    The Non-Intensive Program is designed for special education students who need tutorial assistance with their mainstream classes. They receive instruction which is individualized in a Directed Studies class. Aragon also offers Non-Intensive Algebra.


    The Intensive program consists of core academic classes, which follow the state mandated curriculum, taught by Special Education teachers in a smaller class setting. Students take these classes in lieu of the general education version only where needed. Students who need these classes move among the Specialized Academic Instruction teachers for their classes.  Electives and PE are spent in the general education program.

    Social Skills

    There is an elective course offered at Aragon High School called Understanding the Social World. This course is designed to help students gain the necessary skills for social and academic success in high school and beyond. Students will receive elective credit for this course. The course is repeatable.

    Speech and Language

    A Speech and Language specialist provides speech and language therapy for students with an impairment in that area. Those students may receive the therapy in conjunction with other Special Education services or as their sole service. It is generally provided in a pullout format, either individually or in a group.

    County Mental Health Service

    The County Mental Health therapists serve students whose emotional needs are impeding their progress in school. Therapists may serve students at Aragon during their regular class day or at the San Mateo clinic.