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Health Education is a SMUHSD graduation requirement with a focus on teaching the skills that enable students to avoid high-risk behaviors and make healthy choices. Course content embraces student development of comprehensive health skills through the following units of study: 

  • Nutrition and Physical Activity; 

  • Growth, Development, and Sexual Health; 

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs; 

  • Mental, Emotional, and Social Health; 

  • Injury Prevention and Safety; 

  • Personal and Community Health. 

This one-semester course will ensure that students meet the California Health Education Content Standards as well as meeting the A-G course criteria for UC/CSU. 

Instructional Materials

Comprehensive Health Skills for High School 4th Edition

Supplemental resources
Appropriate health websites

Health Framework for California Public Schools

Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools

Health Education - Course of Study

District Health Coordinator: 
Justin Cottrell 

Department Chairs by
School Site:
Aragon: Barbara Beaumont
Burlingame: Nicole Carter
Capuchino: Theresa Colangelo
Hillsdale: James Madison
Mills: Justin Cottrell
San Mateo: Brittany Dybdahl
Peninsula: Caroline Wisecarver