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On-Site Credit Recovery (OSCR)

On-Site Credit Recovery (OSCR)

The purpose of On-Site Credit Recovery (O.S.C.R.) is to provide students with the opportunity to recover credits from previously failed courses or to improve their “D” grade for college eligibility.  Each school in the district offers at least one O.S.C.R. section for students, usually one section for math classes and one class for humanities classes.  The content used for O.S.C.R. comes from an outside vendor called Edgenuity. O.S.C.R. teachers administer, encourage and support students as they work through the content.

California Standards in O.S.C.R.
Content follows general California Content Standards and the content is A-G approved.

Curriculum Framework
The O.S.C.R. curriculum is a self-guided course that consists of online text, video, and audio. Students watch and listen to video lectures and complete assigned reading and writing assignments that relate to the lecture content. Students take multiple choice quizzes and tests online to further assess their learning. They are able to pause and rewind the video lectures to assist with note-taking. Course material generally reads at grade level. Materials are provided by Edgenuity.

Please consult your students' counselor for information regarding enrollment in OSCR classes.  

District OSCR Coordinator

Matthew McDermott