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Physical Education

Physical Education

The SMUHSD Physical Education teachers are committed to the health, fitness and well-being of ALL students and ensure a well-rounded experience in the development and understanding of physical skills while advancing towards the understanding of lifelong fitness.  All Physical Education teachers in the SMUHSD  believe each student is capable of achieving any physical goal, however small or big, short term or long term, when they are encouraged and taught the proper skills and techniques needed to develop a healthy and productive lifestyle.

High School Physical Education Standards Course I and II - page 1

High School Physical Education Standards Course I and II - page 2

Common Curricular Expectations and Course of Study

Introduction to Yoga

Elective Physical Education

Physical Education I

Physical Education II 

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Athletic Physical Education Study Hall Program for 10th Graders 

Programa de Estudio de Educación Física para Estudiantes del Décimo Grado

District PE Coordinator

Annette Trimble

District Physical Education Coordinator
Annette Trimble


Department Chairs by
School Site:

Annette Trimble  
Linda Brown

John Philipopoulos

Stacy Kratochvil

Michael Busser

Polly Wiard

Caroline Wisecarver

San Mateo:
Joyce Dickson