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Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology

SMUHSD Educational Technology Integration

Our vision for digital teaching and learning is to provide resources and support for teachers and students to: 
  • Develop critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity for all learners.

  • Design student-centered rigorous and relevant learning projects that improve learning outcomes.

  • Design authentic assessments that provide meaningful feedback for students

  • Develop a strong community of digital citizens prepared to address global challenges.

  • Support peer-to-peer coaching, mentoring, and training across the district.
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District Instructional Technology Coordinator
Jessica Valera

Site Instructional Technology Coordinators

AHS: Vince Bravo

BHS: Jeff Spoering | Elizabeth Tsarches

CHS: Stacy Kratochvil

HHS: Rachel Lauderdale

MHS: Angela Zink  | Akiko Soda

PHS: Anthony Dilemme

SMHS: Aura Smithers

Middle College: Terry Lien