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Early Completion Option

Early Completion Option


In accordance with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) preconditions for accredited induction programs,   the Teacher Induction Program will advise and offer participants an Early Completion Option for “experienced and exceptional” candidates who meet the established selection criteria. The purpose of this option is to acknowledge the skills of teachers who have previous teaching experience, where the induction program may be completed in one year rather than two. Upon successful completion of induction requirements as set forth in this policy, candidates are recommended to the CTC for a clear credential. 


Selection Criteria 

The following criteria must be met as determined by the Teacher Induction Program and the employing district:

  • Holds a preliminary credential
  • Two or more years of successful experience as the teacher of record. 
      • Experience may include but is not limited to graduates of an Intern Program, teaching out of state, or other recent teaching experience.
  • Verification of teaching experience, including at least two positive documented evaluations, based on the CSTPs. Evaluations must be within the last three years.
  • Letter of recommendation from a supervisor who would have knowledge of your teaching experience within the last three years


The employing district and the Teacher Induction Program retain the right to request additional evidence as may be necessary to determine a candidate’s appropriateness for the Early Completion Option (ECO). Once an application has been completed, submitted and approved by both the employing school district and the Induction Program Coordinator, the ECO candidate will be admitted as a Year 2 candidate. 


ECO Program

Teachers who qualify for the Early Completion option will have one year, but not longer than eighteen months, to complete the program. ECO candidates will complete an Early Completion Option Formative Assessment with their induction coach. The candidate, induction coach and program leader will meet to decide which three portfolio strands the candidate will complete to make sure they demonstrate that they have the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities required of teacher candidates completing at two year program.   If the ECO candidate does not complete the program requirements and/or meet program deadlines, the Induction Program Coordinator may return the candidate back to two year program status, and the candidate will need to complete a second year of induction.