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Extension of Induction Program

Extension of Induction Program

Induction is intended to support teachers during their first two years of teaching, however it is possible that extenuating circumstances may prevent an individual from completing the program requirements within the allotted program timeline. The purpose of the extension policy is to provide opportunities to current SMUHSD Induction Program Candidates who may not be able to complete a program year under the set timeline. 

General Terms 

Candidates are expected to complete all program requirements within the scope of a traditional school year, and have all required assignments and documentation complete and submitted no later than two weeks after the close of the contract year. Individual accommodations can be made as needed on a case-by-case basis when the program can not be completed within the regular school year. 

Request for Extension

In the event that the work cannot be completed within the scope of a traditional school year, a formal request for an extension must be made with the Induction Administration prior to a meeting with the Candidate, program, school/district representatives. Appropriate, signed documentation must accompany the extension request including, but is not limited to, the following: 

Formal Written Request: Provide a written request for program extension which must be submitted to the Induction Program Manager prior to the conclusion of the induction program year in which the work requires an extension. The written request includes the following

  • Signatures of site and district administrators 
  • Extension Criteria: Thoroughly explain your need to extend your induction program and describe the qualifying criteria that fit your circumstances 
  • Completion Timeline: Include a description of when you anticipate being able to complete the program requirements, or at what time you will be able to provide that information. 

The following criteria may be considered in evaluating an extension request: 

  • Severe personal health issues (unable to work and under a physician’s care)
  • Severe health issues of the Candidate’s immediate family, as defined by employing district policies 
  • An approved leave of absence from the district of employment 
  • Layoff due to declining enrollment or staffing adjustments
  • Break in service for personal reasons or non-reelect 
  • Relocation out of state, which does not halt the five year timeline to clear 

If an extension is approved, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is generated and remains valid through the established extension time period. If the request for an extension is not approved, and program completion extends to outside of the current program year, the Teacher Induction Program reserves the right to charge the Candidate for services rendered throughout the period needed in order to complete the program requirements.

Appeal on Extension Decision

A Candidate may appeal a decision by presenting evidence and documentation. Appeals must be made in writing to the Program Manager, who will review the submission and documentation. The appeal process will follow the same procedure as the Teacher Induction Program Grievance process, beginning with step 2, by filing a written appeal with the Program Manager within 15 days of receiving notification that the program extension request was denied.